Exciting news!

I will be hosting Manju Jois in May 2023 – dates to be confirmed.

I can’t be more excited about Manju coming. I haven’t seen him in over 2 years now (last year we had to cancel due to Covid). Let’s just hope nothing stops it from happening this time.

Manju is my teacher. He has taught me so much about the practice by just being who he is, helping me find who I am as a practitioner and teacher.

His teaching is so different from so many other teachers I have worked with – so much more holistic and fun, rather than serious and controlling. It will be a week of Mysore practice with pranayama and chanting…
you can’t get better than that!

You will be able to book your space nearer the time, either for the full week or just what you can manage. Price  and booking details will be confirmed nearer the time.