Ben Beswick – Teacher

I am an experienced, Yoga Alliance UK-registered yoga teacher, teaching classes at Wildmoor Spa,  as well as at The Old School.

My courses and qualifications include:

  • Authorised by Manju Jois to teach primary and second series
  • 64 hours Ashtanga teacher training
  • 600 contact hours with Mark Freeth (Freestyle Yoga Project)
  • 200 hours – Sun Power Yoga – Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance, YMCA – taught by Ann Marie Newland
  • 40 hours – Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training – taught by David Swenson
  • 40 hours – Ashtanga Secondary Series Course – taught by Richard Freeman
  • Workshops taught by Manju Jois, Lino Miele, John Scott, Danny Paradise and Brian Cooper
  • First Aid – Freestyle Yoga Project Teaching Training
  • Thi Massage Practitioner – Central school of Massage
  • Manju Jois. Therapy Teacher Training
  • Manju Jois. Second series Teacher Training
  • Manju Jois. Primary series  Teacher Training
  • David Keil. Functional Anatomy

I am also a fully-qualified Traditional Thai Massage practitioner, having studied with  Central School of Thai Massage.

If you have any questions, please call me on 07817 730282.

I hope to see you on the mat and give you the tools to love it as I do.

My Yoga Story

ben-01I started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga more than 15 years ago in Warwickshire as a way to avoid an operation on two perforated discs in my lower back that had bugged me for years. Finally, I took my mother’s advice: she was an Ashtanga practitioner and recommended a good teacher. I found it difficult initially but I persevered and now I’ll never look back.

I’m originally from Stratford-upon-Avon and now live just outside the town centre with my two ladies – Hanke, and our daughter Ruby. Before teaching yoga full-time, I worked as a landscaper and stone-mason (hence the back problems).

My first yoga teacher inspired me to keep practicing, which gave me a solid foundation for my Ashtanga self-practice. After a few years of going to his classes in Stratford-upon-Avon, I was inspired to take his teacher training course in Ashtanga Primary Series to further my knowledge and to develop my daily practice.

I hadn’t thought about teaching until I was asked to cover another teacher’s class. I enjoyed it, but wanted to know more about yoga as a whole. I only knew the Primary Series so I took another teacher training course in Sun Power Yoga with Ann Marie Newland. She taught me the krama side of yoga sequencing, which is based on the Ashtanga and Sivananda methods. I enjoyed the Ashtanga Primary Series so much that I decided to study it further, to make sure I was practising and teaching correctly, so in 2010 I took David Swenson’s teacher training course.

Since then, I’ve also taken a 40 hour second series course with Richard Freeman and worked with other world-renowned yoga practitioners. All these courses have been great experience, inspiring me to further my yoga practice, learning and teaching. I hope to see you on the mat and give you the tools to love it as I do.

Ben’s Latest News

Manju Jois Returns

Manju Jois Returns

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting Manju Jois at The Old School in May 2023. Dates to be confirmed.

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Manju Jois Workshop

Manju Jois Workshop

Sadly, because of ongoing travel restrictions, we have had to postpone the workshops with Manju Jois in August. However we look forward to hosting Manju at The Old School in August 2021.

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