Class Timetable

NB: Due to Covid-19 we are running a restricted timetable. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday morning Mysore classes with Ben are returning from 4th August. Please book your day and time slot with Ben in advance:

Class Timetable

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Night, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings are Mysore time – you can turn up at any point during the class up un-till 0ne hour before the end of class and practise for as long or as little time as you like being respectful of closing times. Thursday Evenings are beginners’ courses.

Thursday  5:30pm till 6:30pm Ashtanga beginners follow on intensive 6 week course with Ben. Starts Back 11/11/20, This is only for those that were booked on the last course that was postponed due to covid, Please do not pay to book on this course, Just contact Ben if you want to Finnish it. Many thanks – book online

Thursday 7.00–8.00pm: New 4 week Introduction to Mysore Course  with Ben. Starts 27/02/2020 – book online

Due to Covid 19 The morning Mysore classes are split times from 7:30am till 9am and 9:30am till 11am. Book your slot with Ben contact

09.30-11.00am Vinyasa Yoga with Maddy (postponed due to covid)
5.00–8:00pm Mysore with Ben.         (postponed due to covid)
7:00–8.00pm Beginners Mysore drop in time 7pm with Ben.   (postponed due to covid)
7.30–11.00am Mysore. Ashtanga  Book in with Ben
6.30–8.00pm Vinyasa Yoga with Maddy. (postponed due to covid)
7:30–11.00am Mysore – Ashtanga  Book in with Ben
5.00–7:30pm Mysore- Ashtanga Book in with Ben Starting back 11/11/20
7.45-8.45pm Open Meditation with Maddy. Next date to be confirmed
7.30-11.00am  Mysore- Ashtanga Book in with Ben
11.30–1.00pm Vinyasa Yoga with Veronica winter. (postponed due to covid)
5.30–6.30pm Level 1 Beginners intensive follow on. Postponed course due to Coivid lock down, starts back 12/11/20 If you were  booked  on it contact Ben to Finnish it.
 7:00 – 8:00pm New Into to Mysore 4 week course Starts 27/02/20
9.30–11.00am Vinyasa Yoga with Maddy.     (postponed due to covid)
11.30am–12.30pm Restorative Yoga with Maddy    (postponed due to covid)
9.00-12.00 noon

 Mysore Ashtanga  Book in with Ben


Moon Days 2020

Please note:  Ben’s Ashtanga (Mysore) Classes do not run on “Moon Days”, when there is a new or full moon. The studio will therefore be closed on the following dates for 2020.

  • Feb 9th
  • Feb 23rd
  • Mar 9th
  • Mar 24th
  • Apr 8th
  • Apr 23rd
  • May 7th
  • May 22nd
  • Jun 5th
  • Jun 21st
  • July 5th
  • July 20th
  • Aug 3rd
  • Aug 19th
  • Sept 2nd
  • Sept 17th
  • Oct. 1st
  • Oct 16th
  • Oct 31st
  • Nov 15th
  • Nov 30th
  • Dec 14th
  • Dec 30th

For more information about Moon Days, please click here.

Class Prices for Courses and Classes with Ben

Ashtanga Member  Fair exchange. With Ben

This system of payment is built on trust, value and inclusivity. It is giving you the customer the opportunity to pay as much as you believe the yoga is worth to you and also what is feasible for you in this difficult financial time, for some.

So, it will be a donation with some recommended guidelines, to be paid on the 1st of the month every month.

Payment can be through cash or bank transfer (contact me for my details for bank transfer)

I would ask, if you can, to organise it so you have regular slots, a day and time 7:30 am or 9:30am that you can block book with me

Membership guidlines

1-2 mornings  £30, £40, £60 (this line works for evening classes when they are back up and running)

2-3 mornings £60, £80 to £100

3-4 mornings £80, £100, £120, £140

Drop in class £10, £15 but you should book your spot at least the day before with me.

Beginner’s either £20, £30 or £40 (entitling you to 3 classes)

These rates are suggested in order to facilitate the circular movement of money. This means that those who are able to pay a little bit more support both the Shala and students who are not in the same financial position. Obviously if you are really struggling speak to me and I can sort something out.

Brand New six week course. From the Beginning. Costing £60, Date to be confirmed  :  This course will be starting you off  from the beginning. Looking at the opening mantra, breath and Surya Namaskara A and B. It is said that yoga is found in Surya Namaskara.

Level 1 Beginners Six week Ashtanga course: follow on Intensive six week course, gets you through the standing sequence with a strong foundation to help you progress a traditional yoga practice. Costs £80. Starts 5:30 till 6:30pm 27/02/20  Book online or by emailing

New Course: Intro to Mysore – 4 week course  costing £60. 7pm till 8pm Starts 27/02/20. This course is for those that have done any of my courses and just want to refresh and  gain some confidence to step into the Mysore room with the practice you have. Book online

Maddy’s Classes are £10 drop in


Class Cancellations: